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Pay For Play games can draw and help keep your customers in your establishment much longer than they should stay. Be sure to provide a phone for them so they can call home and let their families know they're going to be late. Meanwhile, you just keep picking up the quarters your customers keep putting in the slot.

Two of our hottest requests are RUSH and the MegaTouch series. Click the names for more details.

San Francisco Rush is an EXTREME racing game. Jump into your hot car and race through the streets, up and down the nearly vertical hills of San Francisco.

  • 12 Different Vehicles
  • 12 Ability Levels - Casual To Expert Play Levels
  • FEEL
    • The Track
    • The Queezy Stomach
    • The Car Vibrations
    • The Bumps and Pulls on the Steering Wheel

This game puts you behind the wheel!

Think your hot? Try the expert level!

  • Not restrained to race track loops
  • Find the hidden short-cuts to improve your time each race
  • Thread the needle or pay the price
  • Not in any particular order, just as you think would be good.
You've done very well so far.

Megatouch is our countertop game box. Powered by CD, these boxes offer 12 games in one box.

Small counter-top game machines continue to be the newest source of "free income" because new mind-blowing games are released regularly with card games being the favorites (Solitaire, Hearts, etc.)

Play solo or hook up to tournaments across the country. These games will pay for the space they occupy.

Turn your "extra" floor or counter space


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