SPLASH Records
Dive in and ride the ripple!

We're not quite a wave...YET!
...but if you like what we have to offer and support us
by actually buying stuff...
...who knows?

Secure transactions on the net will be available soon, but for now our toll-free 800 number insures "SECURE TRANSACTIONS" by going outside the net.

1-800- 773-2818
( that's 77-EAT-1-U)
to order any of the fine products you see here.

Internet marketing is a giant experiment in economics that we feel will eventually change the way business is done on this planet. We figure that it can't hurt to try, and it may even work!

There's a ton of great music and other entertainment out there. We've got some of it. Check out our offerings by:

Email: splashrec@aol.com

This site is still under construction...more later! (Actually, pretty soon!)
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