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  • I know, it's been a long time coming. I've sorta gotten side-tracked into Web Development in the Centre Of the Web and the music has been on the back burner again. But, a little gap in my regular workload has given me the time to put together this collection of tunes I've recorded over the past decade.

    These New Oldies represent some of the best songs I've written. I hope you enjoy them.

    Step into the Time Machine and suddenly you're somewhere in your past re-living a series of events from 10 years ago, 20 years ago or more. Music has that power to move your mind into places you've long forgotten. After a few tunes you've seen your entire life flash before your eyes...

    ...and then suddenly - you're in the future.

    Clearly focused in NOW you are experiencing memories of the future. Not only the surroundings or the people you're with, but also the music. It's a song you've never heard before, but it seems somehow familiar. That's always the mark of a hit song...when you seem to recognize it the first time you hear it.

    These kinds of songs are interspersed throughout an evening of listening to Terry Beard and the Time Machine. They are the original songs...the hits from the future...written by Terry Beard.

    The music is all The Best Of The Past...And The Future. That means oldies and originals. The originals are hits from the future...get it?

    The Time Machine is a unique band because it really doesn't exist in the normal fabric of space and time. It exists for the moment, as it is needed and may take on any of hundreds of configurations. Depending on the gig, you may see a solo act or a quintet or anything in between with any of the following players involved:

    • Chuck Long
    • Donnie Rhodes
    • Kurt Krebs
    • JJ Dugan
    • Bones Keller



    Other Instruments:

    • Richard Sleigh - Harmonica
    • Mugs Gallagher - Saxes
    • Steve Bowman - Sax
    • Kim Esber - Percussion

    Each of these extraordinary players has the unique ability to LISTEN and have fun while playing. Being able to LISTEN is critical because it allows them to fit right in no matter what song is being played - whether or not they've heard it before. And, that happens quite often because there is no playlist. Every tune comes at the moment it is needed and it might be anything that any of the players know. It's quite extemporaneous.

    You never know what you're going to get, and neither do the band members, but it's always just right.

    FUN is the keyword.

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