Terry Beard
Terry Beard
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  • I don't know what it is, but onstage I do something right. Sometimes that one guitar sounds like three people are playing it, but I don't use any of that fancy, new-fangled midi gear. It's just me.

    I'm a pretty good guitarist. I'm a pretty good singer. I've written some real nice songs. I'm also THE MASTER OF THE UNDERSTATEMENT.

    I'm one of the "old-timers" here in Central Pennsylvania. I lived and performed here from 1968 through the end of 1976 when my wife (at the time) wanted to move to California. In the course of our discussions it was agreed that if my musical career was to ever go beyond where it was, I would have to relocate to either New York or Los Angeles.

    Well, we'd been to New York...so we packed up and moved to Los Angeles.

    The trip itself, the adjustment to our new environment, etc...that's all another story. Suffice to say that I went unemployed as an entertainer and MUSIC began to disappear from my life. It did, indeed, totally disappear for about 10 years (during which time I became a computer consultant) and then re-appeared from time to time in sporadic bursts of weekend appearances in the desert near and around Joshua Tree, California.

    Then MUSIC disappeared again. Within 6 months I was going crazy and knew that I had to have my best friend back in my life. So one day I packed all my stuff into a storage locker and hit the road looking for a new place to live. I needed a place where I could play MUSIC again.

    My zig-zag course across the country allowed me to visit old friends with whom I'd had no contact for (some of them) 10 years or more. I kinda surprised them by just showing up for a visit. My timing was pretty good. Most of them were glad to see me and let me stay with them for a day or two as I explored the area looking for MUSIC.

    It was a marvelous trip. I highly recommend that everyone take a ride across this country at least once in their lifetime. It is very worthwhile.

    After a week long visit in Nashville, I landed in State College, Pa. only to find that there were a whole lot more friends still here than I could've imagined. It took two weeks just to say hi to all of them. One of them, Ernie Oelbermann (owner of The Phyrst), asked me if I'd like to perform sometimes. After severly twisting my arm he made me agree to play regularly on Tuesday nights.

    I still had some visits to accomplish in other places, so I took the next two weeks to do them and came back. Tom Wilson at Centretainment, the area's only talent and booking agency, took on the task of finding me suitable venues and soon I was playing 4 nights a week.

    I had not planned on moving back to State College, but I suddenly looked around and saw that I had found what I set out to find...a new place to live where I could play MUSIC.

    So here I am and really happier to be here than anyone can know. I've found a way to combine all the things I LIKE to do and almost make a living doing them. MUSIC and Internet...!!! What could a better life be? Hey, maybe a little more money, but you can't have everything...(or can you?)

    Of course, if you've read this far, you might by now be wondering what my MUSIC is like. Let me put it this way, telling you what it isn't.

    It isn't:

    • Limited to any particular style.
    • Limited to any particular topic.
    • Limited to any particular time period, although most of it is not new.
    • Predictable. I work out of a few hundred tunes and I never even know what I'm going to play next.
    • All cover material. Quite a few of my original tunes have sneaked their way onto the play list.

    Overall, I like to call what I do THE BEST OF THE PAST...AND THE FUTURE...! To me, that means "Classic Rock" (they tell me not to call it "Oldies") mixed with a bunch of original music...things you'll hear on the radio in the future, if they ever get properly released and promoted.

    My original music is in a style I like to call "NEW OLDIES". Many of them were written in the early '80's so, to me, they're oldies...but to you, they're brand new...but they sound like oldies, like you've heard them before. I see many folks in the audience singing along after the first chorus, and I know for a fact that they've never before heard the song.

    Some day, when the current budgetary crunch cycle is over, there will be a release of some of my recordings (I've got a lot of stuff recorded in work-tape formats), but for now...tough luck. If you want to hear my music you have three choices:

  • (1) Become my best friend so I'll play the tapes for you.
  • (2) Come to a live performance (see schedule of events).
  • (3) Book me for your next big corporate function. (See Centretainment Inquiry Form)

    My show comes in two flavors:

  • (1) Solo
  • (2) Ensemble with The Terry Beard Band.

    Either is sure to please.

    Thanx for taking the time to read all this. I appreciate your interest and support.

    Terry Beard

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