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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Service Center...

You t hear those words together a lot these days, but who really means what they say? Sure, the big chain "service centers" give you decent prices and the work often gets done properly, but when was the last time you really felt that one of those "big guys" was really interested in anything but your money?

I have taken the liberty of putting up this Web page for Bill Catherman's Service Center because one day when I really needed help, Bill Catherman was there. He actually cared that I absolutely needed my car fixed quickly, and he DID IT. Not only that, but it didn't cost me the fortune that other places had promised me it would.

Bill has this little computerized thing (I know, most other places have them, too) that plugs into the engine. As you may know, I know something about computers. Well, Bill knows something about the one he uses, too. He actually made sense of the cryptic messages that other auto repair guys look at without a clue.

Since my first experience with Catherman's Service Center (just after he opened in December of 1995), I've taken my car to him any time something goes wrong. I've got over 300k miles on that puppy, and things are bound to go wrong. But when Bill fixes something it's fixed correctly and it stays fixed.

Bill is always there. He's magic with cars and he's good people, too. I highly recommend that you try him the next time you want to be treated right by something better than just an auto repair guy.

This is a real SERVICE CENTER...And here's a MAP so you can find it.

Terry Beard
Imagination, Un-Ltd.
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