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Real Rock Music Reunion
Ringing Rocks Park - Bucks County, PA

An Eyewitness Account

Ringing Rocks park is located in northern Bucks County, PA.

What is it? It is a big boulder field full of rocks of all shapes and sizes.

When struck with a hammer, rock or railroad spikes some of the rocks will ring these rocks are called live rocks. Others will not ring and those are called dead rocks.

A Real Rock concert was performed there on Saturday, July 18, 1998 by a group of people making music from the rocks and making a beat.

My parents and I were in attendance as spectators and it sounded great!

This was the first time at the park for both my mother and father. Mom said she couldn't believe that all those rocks made all different kinds of music. She really enjoyed the show. My Dad said that it was very unique, how the rocks ring and that different beat and tones could be made.

As for myself, this has been about my third time there, but on my prior visits I would just hit a rock with a hammer to see if it rang or not and then move on.

So this was really interesting for me and I was truely amazaed of how music could be made by a bunch of people striking the rocks. This was a very interesting and fun day.

Christa Myers

UPDATE 9/1/00

The show has aired repeatedly on the Learning Channel. I've seen it a couple times and I've heard from others that it's been shown a lot. Somehow, I never got a good recording of the show, but thanks to Duane Champion we have some "unofficial" videos of the day's events. So, fire up your RealMedia player and check it out. These clips are much more detailed than the actual show was.

UPDATE 1/29/99

The producers (Marc Sachnoff and Joel Lipman) have notified me via snail-mail that the show will be aired (cabled) on The Learning Channel twice in the month of February.

The show is entitled Strange Science, and our Rock Music is in a segment called "Odd Sounds". Here's the schedule...don't miss it!

Friday - 2/5/99 10:00 pm
Sunday - 2/7/99 1:00 pm

The producers have informed me that they are not allowed to provide us with preview clips to post here on the site (the buggers), but I will record it when it airs and put Real Video right here.


UPDATE 7/20/98

This was fun. A producer from The Learning Channel show, "Strange Science", doing a show about Ringing Rocks Park contacted me and asked if we could do the Rock Concert again, this time to be videotaped for the show.

Without even thinking about it, I said, "SURE!", and began to invite people to perform in the Real Rock Orchestra. I wasn't sure who would show up, but I knew there were more than a few people nearly as crazy as myself.

Special Thanx to those who made this possible.

  • Kate Sleigh
  • Harry Werner
  • Mary Fusco
  • Vincent Fusco
  • Duane Champion
  • Shawn Champion
  • Jen Micija
  • Sher Simcisko
  • Roy Simcisko
  • Leah Simcisko
  • Holly Simcisko
  • Millsy
  • Lane McNeish
  • Caitlin McNeish
  • Mike McNeish
  • Alex Elwell
  • Christa Myers
  • Bill Myers
  • Jane Myers
  • ...have I missed anyone?

The Plan called for us to meet in the parking lot of Ringing Rocks Park at around 11:00 am on Saturday, July 18, 1998. Instead, we sorta all filtered down to the rocks and hung out while the TV crew, who had arrived hours before, shot an interview with a geologist who talked about the unique properties of the rocks.

When that was over, they set me up in an area with some "good rocks" and, on camera, asked me questions about my involvement with the rocks.

At some point in the development of this project, I hope to have transripts of those interviews that I can share with you here, but for now...let's just say, this is going to be a pretty neat show.

Lunch Break was followed by a period of searching for an area with enough "good rocks" to accommodate all the players in close proximity so the camera could see all of us. We found a good spot and settled in, "tuning up" while the camera and sound gear got into position.

The music was wonderful. As it was last time, the music was improvised. But this time, for the camera we attempted to improvise the same piece several times so the camera could be re-positioned for the cutaways.

We'll all find out what really came of the session sometime in January or February (1999), when the show will air on The Learning Channel.

I'll keep you posted right here.

See you on the inside...

Terry Beard

Directions To Ringing Rocks Park - Bucks County

  • Find your way to Easton, Pa. (Either I-80 to 33S or I-78 out of Harrisburg)

  • Take Rt. 611 South out of Easton.

  • At Kintersville there is a stop sign where Route 32 South branches off STRAIGHT as 611 forks to the right at The All American Grill (or whatever it's called now).

  • Follow Rt 32 South - 4 miles.

  • Turn RIGHT at Bridgeton Hill Rd.

  • Turn RIGHT at Ringing Rocks Road (about 2 miles up the winding road).

  • About 1/4 mile along there turn RIGHT into Ringing Rocks Park.

  • Park in the lot and walk along the path on the left out of the parking lot.

  • When the path branches take the left fork.

  • You will soon come to a field of boulders.

  • You're there!


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