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A Reunion Concert
was given on

July 18, 1998

at Ringing Rocks Park in Bucks County
Map & Details

This concert was video taped for the Strange Science show and will appear on The Learning Channel on Friday, 2/5 at 10:00 pm and again on Sunday, 2/7 at 1:00 pm. The segment is entitled Odd Sounds.

So, you think you like Rock music?...

I don't think you know what you're talking about. Unless you've heard this recording (or the others in the series) you've never really even heard real Rock music.

I mean the kind that's really played on ROCKS.

In northern Bucks County, PA there is a county park called Ringing Rocks Park where you'll find a field of boulders with special molecular properties which allow them to ring when struck with a hard object. The sounds range from high-pitched bell-like tones to low ringing sounds much like a manhole cover being dropped from 10 feet.

The Players:
Terry Beard
Harry Werner
Chuck Long
Mary Fusco
Cam Armstrong
Alan Prichard - Recordist
The Instruments
Selected Rocks
Striking Implements
Rocks of various sizes
Wooden sticks found onsite
Railroad Spikes
Produced By
SPLASH Records

In July, 1994, I assembled a group of friends and a sound engineer with a mobile digital recording studio for a journey to this magical place.

When we got there we spent a couple hours banging on rocks doing a sound check and finding the best sounding rocks. After a short lunch break we began the recording session.

Nothing was planned. This music is totally extemporaneous improvisations which just came out as we tuned into the vibes of the place. All the sounds are made by the rocks (except for the occasional bird songs and one airplane). No editing has been done.

We've used Real Audio and a mono version of the recording to bring it to you as efficiently as possible. You'll need the latest version of the Real Audio Player.
Get it here FREE!

Trust me, you've never heard Rock music 'til you've heard this. And for all you environmentalists, you'll really like the fact that this music is all 100% natural and recycleable.

The Music Is HERE

Special Thanx to the
Pennsylvania Outdoor & Recreation Guide
for creating and hosting the Real Audio file.
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