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The number of WebSites in this area is ever increasing. Commercial and non-commercial domains are springing up all over the place, each hosting and listing ONLY their own "client base" of local businesses and organizations which place their WebSites in the domains.

But how do you find anything?

You've probably used the YAHOO search engine. Think of iul.com as a local HOOYA.

No matter in which domain the local Web page you seek lives, you can find it from this one convenient location. It's an easy to use list of categories which lead you to the site you're after, much like a Yellow Pages directory.


You search for WebSites by looking in the category is most appropriate. (Many WebSites fall into more than one category so you may find the same listing cross-referenced in several categories.)

  • All the categories, subcategories and WebSite listings are alphabetized.
  • Subcategories appear in bold type and centered in the listings on each page.
  • Sites which are part of the Imagination, Un-Ltd. (iul.com) domain are highlighted by a blue dot to the left of their listing.
  • Sites which feature ELECTRONIC COUPONS are highlighted by our coupon logo, also to the left of the listing. The COUPON logos are clickable and take you directly to the coupon offering.


It's local, it's constantly undergoing revisions as situations on the Web change. We're out there doing your dirty work, looking for all these pages. All you have to do is come in and click on the one you want.

Points Of Interest

We have an amazing SPORTS SECTION.

In addition to everything local that's online, we also feature in our listings, WebSites that may be of interest to Central Pennsylvania residents. Many of these kinds of listings appear in the following sections:

Thanx for using this directory.

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