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Imagination, Un-Ltd.
is in the Centre Of the Web
specializing in WebSite Re-Engineering.

If your current WebSite is not living up to your expectations, needs a facelift or if you don't yet have a WebSite maybe we should talk. All our WebSites are original designs. No other WebSite will look like yours. In order to insure the fastest possible download time, we optimize every element, balancing the needs of your site with the Web browsing capabilities of your intended audience.

Your pages will load quickly, clearly convey your message and motivate your visitors into action. We pay special attention to the details of user interface design to allow your visitors to easily find their way around your site.

What do you want to accomplish by having a WebSite? Our job is to help you find out and make it a reality on the Web. A complete list of the sites we've done is HERE.


  • WebSite Design - We don't just throw together a Web page. Everything we do focuses on creating just the right image for your company. We spend "upfront" time with you determining your needs, intended purposes and desires. Then we design your user interface, a "look and feel", which will facilitate easy navigation of your entire site allowing your visitors to quickly find what they're after, do all the business they came to do and then get on with the rest of their day.

  • Graphic Design - Clip art and stolen backgrounds are not allowed. Every graphic element is designed specifically for YOUR WebSite and then optimized for peak performance. Your site will be the one that other people copy.

  • Scanning & Photo-Manipulation - Have you got a great photo of your storefront, but at the moment the photo was shot there was a junk car parked in front. We can remove unwanted objects, move things around or add elements to your photos so your image is properly presented. Every graphic is optimized for fast downloading.

  • Copy Writing - Working closely with you and with the Grammar Police, we distill your message(s) down to the essential items. We then work those concepts into clear, concise copy and integrate them with the user interface for your site eliminating the confusion and clutter and giving your visitors fast access to the information they seek.

    Look at almost any WebSite. As if to prove the failure of our educational systems, the Web is in the midst of an epidemic of bad or sloppy writing. Spelling and grammatical errors abound with total disregard for the rules of clear communication. Long blocks of rambling text make it difficult to discern a coherent message. Poorly written copy on your WebSite can cause a number of unwanted effects. Your visitors may interpret your lack of care and forethought as a sign of stupidity or an unprofessional attitude.

  • WebSite Hosting - Whether you have your own domain, or simply need WebSpace for your pages, we can deliver the goods. Our rates are competitive. Our server and WebSite performance is superior.

  • WebSite Re-Engineering - If your current WebSite is not performing the way you thought it would, we invite you to view any of the sites we've created and see what your site could be. Of course, yours will not look like any of the others, but your WebSite can look better, feel better and project your company's image more professionally.

  • WebSite Promotion - "Build it and they will come.", is not a philosophy you can count on. To be fully effective your WebSite must be promoted in a variety of media. Of course, we will take care of the actual Web promotion. Additionally, we will help you determine the most appropriate type of advertising and we can even create the ads for your conventional media campaigns.

As one of the founders of Centre Of the Web (a Centre County Web Development Company) we can draw on the resources of experts to design a high-performance, easy-to-use WebSite for your business.

Other Special Features at iul.com
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bullet WebSite Hosting - You need a place to put your WebSite...? We've got room for selected tenants who want nothing but the best place to live.


Special Treatment - Special, eye-catching bullets next to E.B.C.C. listings for iul.com clients. You'll also get extra links/listings on our "CLIENTS" pages.


WebSearch NOW!!! - Search all the major Search Engines right from this page. Links to many lesser known search engines.


PeopleSearch NOW!!! - Search right from this page. Find people, companies, email addresses and phone numbers. Also includes Reverse Phone Number Lookup.


FAST Stock Quotes - Delayed quotes available from several sources. Just type in the symbols...right on this page.


Advanced Internet Searching - Explained. - Easy to use explanations of the Advanced Search terms and forms used by the major internet search engines. Perform Advanced Searches right from these pages.


Electronic Coupons - Everybody likes these bargains!!!


Electronic Business Card Centre - The only comprehensive WebDirectory for everything online in, around, about or of interest to Central Pennsylvania including State College, Bellefonte, Penn State University and surrounding areas.

You can find it from here.

(If you can't find it here, and you know it's out there...Please Tell Us.
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IUL.COM and Centre Of the Web is proud to host the WebSites for The Bellefonte Intervalley Area Chamber Of Commerce, Downtown State College Partnership, Inc. and CentreCounty.Org. In an attempt to make it easier to find all the local Central PA sites, we host these sites as a public service.


A complete list of all the WebSites we've created is right HERE.

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