Compensation Plan

The ASONE Compensation Plan has been designed to offer one of the most generous compensation packages in the direct sales industry and is built upon retail sales to the ultimate consumer. It extends an equal opportunity for earnings to all who become an ASONE Independent Sales Associate (ISA).

The Compensation Plan essentially encourages the ISA to develop a team spirit to accomplish the most ambitious sales goals. As an ASONE ISA, promotion within the sales force is possible by meeting established sales and achievement levels.

Promotion within the sales force entitles you to the following opportunities:

How to Get Started by Becoming an
Independent Sales Associate (ISA)

To become an ASONE ISA, one simply completes an ISA Agreement Form accompanied by $65 (plus applicable shipping, handling and sales tax) for an ASONE ISA Kit and forwards it directly to the ASONE Corporation headquarters for processing. Upon acceptance by the Company the applicant becomes an ISA, qualified to retail the "UDBC Digital DBS Receiving System" ("UDBC system") and earn a Direct Commission.

The ASONE ISA Kit is a carefully selected and professionally prepared package of sales aids and forms necessary to manage your ISA business. The ISA Kit includes a quality binder with tabbed sections containing product information, the Compensation Plan, Policies and Procedures, sales information, management tools, and much more. Also included in the ISA Kit are Company and Opportunity video and audio tapes, an ISA Kit Proof of Purchase Seal, ISA Agreement Forms, color Product Brochures, Company Brochure and other necessary documents.

As an ISA, you are eligible to sell the UDBC system directly to the retail customer. Every UDBC system that is directly sold by an ISA entitles the ISA to earn a Direct Commission of $200 (20% of the selling price). Direct Commissions will be paid by ASONE to the ISA within fifteen (15) calendar days from receiving clearance of payment for the order. See Compnesation Plan Chart below.

The only qualification required for an ISA to earn a Direct Commission is a completed retail sale.

Compensation Plan:

Based on Proposed Retail Price of $995.00

Independent Sales Associate:

Sales Coordinator:

Sales Manager:

Sales Director:

Associate Marketing Director:

Marketing Director:

Senior Marketing Director:

Independent Manufacturer's Representative:

Indirect Bonuses: ISA must retail one UDBC system within the current calendar month to be Personally Qualified.

The Compensation Plan is designed to pay out 40% of the retail selling price. This represents 20% for Direct Commissions, and an Indirect Bonus of 2.5% for generations of sales one through six, and 5% for the seventh generation of sales.

An Indirect Bonus is a bonus paid to a qualified ISA on sales of his or her ISA Group but does not include recruitment, ISA Kits or sales aids. ASONE Indirect Bonuses are paid on up to seven generations of sales not levels. A marketing plan that bases its earnings potential on generations is called a "Compressed Compensation Plan." ASONE considers it a more generous compensation plan because it expands the earning capabilities of the ISA.

Indirect Bonuses are calculated each calendar month and are paid after the 15th of the following month. The compensation Plan Chart above describes the Indirect Bonuses that may be earned at each bonus level position of qualification for each UDBC system sold.

A Personally Qualified ISA who attains the bonus level position of Sales Coordinator or higher with a minimum of two (2) Qualified ISA Groups in one calendar month is eligible to earn an Indirect Bonus. An Indeirect Bonus is paid to an ISA for UDBC systems sold within his or her ISA Group(s).

Every calendar month, ASONE will review the achievement of each Personally Qualified ISA. A Qualified ISA will be promoted to the bonus level position he or she has attained that current month and will be paid the Indirect Bonuses earned for that month.

See Compensation Plan Chart above for qualifying bonus levels.

ASONE will contribute $10 to the Leadership Bonus Pool for each UDBC system sold each month.

Leadership Bonuses will be paid to the qualifying ISA prior to the end of the following month. When an ISA qualifies for Pool "B" he or she will also receive their share of Pool "A" and so on as an ISA qualifies for Pools "C" and "D".

As part of the ASONE long-term Compensation Plan, ASONE will offer the opportunity to earn income from programming in the form of a Programming Residual Bonus.