Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: The Customer Service Advantage

In retail sales organizations of today, the concept of customer service has all but vanished. Where once there were knowledgeable, helpful sales people, today there are clerks or order takers... and usually a frustrated customer!

With a Direct-to-Consumer marketing strategy, the company focus is on understading and servicing customer needs. It establishes a "consulting relationship" with the customer by providing information and service on a long-term basis. This direct "one-on-one" relationship transcends the traditional buyer/seller business transaction. It offers customers the opportunity to earn cash rewards for selling the product to a friend or relative. Further, it encourages customers to consult directly with their service person at any time and receive knowledgeable, courteous service. This day-to-day continuity in service to all direct customers will create long-term relationships that allow the history and future needs of each customer to be known. Such service-oriented relationships create a strong competitive advantage: customer loyalty, future business opportunities and a "family relationship" rarely experienced among traditional retailers.