The ASONE Story - More Than A Pretty Picture

ASONE presents more than a pretty picture. In offering the market high-tech products, the Company is savvy in its marketing approach, designed to reach millions of American homes in a short span of time. "Aggressive and opportunity-driven with a strong dynamic and entrepreneural force," aptly describes the ASONE team.

Founded by a dedicated group of pioneers in the field of Direct-to-Consumer sales and marketing, ASONE is securing itself firmly to this new technology-driven industry and advancing on its competition with stealth-like speed and accuracy.

Why does ASONE succeed? Becasue ASONE is built on a solid foundation set by the founders of the Company. From the past decade to the present, these individuals have recognized and acted upon the tremendous opportunities to be found with the advancement if Digital DBS technology when brought to market with the dynamics of Direct-to-Consumer marketing techniques. A solid focus on success is shared by the members of this group through their combined expertise in business development, manufacturing, marketing, high-tech and telecommunications industries. Success is assured through their steadfast passion, commitment and dedication to delivering a high-quality and user-friendly service.

Determined to avoid the bureaucracy of large, cumbersome coprporations, too top heavy to make rapid changes and move forward, the group created a corporate organization with a marketing structure that would be responsive to the needs of the customer and sales force. ASONE, therefore, adopted a strategic sales plan based on organizational structure-embracing relationship marketing, customer service, and Direct-to Consumer Sales.